C J Ernst Ventures LLC


Headquartered in Ft. McKavett, Texas, CJ Ernst Ventures LLC, has worked for many years to establish working cattle and hunting ranches that one could be proud of.  The headquarters are located on 1940 acres in Ft. McKavett, Texas.  

The business was established in 1973, starting with 35 Angus cows with 3/4 Brangus blood bulls, the ranch started to establish a Brangus breed.  The ranch bought bulls from the reputation breed Brinks Brangus.  From that time on, the ranch bred cattle for a Brangus herd with a high standard  of quality.

The ranch has grown in the past 37 years from 35 cows.  At the present time, the ranch has approximately 60% Angus cows, the bulls are registered Angus from reputation herds of Falcon SeaBoard and Hartzog Ranches.

At the present and in the future, the ranch will be offering weaned calves with all vaccinations, source and age verification, based on the VAC.45 program.  We will be also offering open or bred replacement heifers, Brangus and Angus.  

We currently offer most of our calves for sale on Superior Auction, but we also offer private sale of livestock.

March 4, 2010
Stocker & Feeder Champions
Champion Crossbred – C J Ernst Ventures, LLC – Fort McKavett, Tx.

July 8, 2010
Premium Weaned Calf Sale

Champion C J Ernst Ventures – Fort McKavett, TX


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